Sunday, May 3, 2015

famous and bimbo


 Havent been writing for quite some times. been busy with so many things these days. almaklumlah poyo2 sikit kan student final year. busy spending time with my love ones and im so gonna rock my final year. next year i wont be having time not just with others but with myself as well. so have to use all the remaining time to spend with those i love and to be happy. :) 

oh crap. i should stop talking about myself or else people will tend to diagnose me with bipolar I disorder in manic phase. (eventhough i think i have some manic trait in me. sigh)

you know that feeling when you see pretty fair skin ladies everywhere? (fair skin is the definition for a pretty lady here in malaysia). yeah that feeling for a lady with a dark skin complexion. 

and you would see all these pretty ladies in the television cause most of the requirement to be famous here in malaysia is to be pretty. no matter how foolish you make yourself in front of everybody, if you're pretty, you'll always be forgiven. and that is the saddest part of it. (jealous enough huh?) 

have you ever come across these following words?  "we dont care how you look like", "natural beauty is pretty", "makeups are for those who dont believe in themself", "we guys dont really care as long as you love me, i'll love you back", "your heart matters most cause beauty will fade someday". im sure you guys have come across these words. but if you see through the thin glasses of your car, from your own cornea, which type of lady will guys prefer? or even worst, the community and the world prefer? 
 a woman without makeup, being in her most natural self or woman with a face full of makeups? a woman with a pretty heart and smart but with less luck on her physical appearance or a bitchy bimbo? 

well i guess each and everyone of us have some thinking to do. is this really the next generation to take over malaysia someday? 

*just my 2 cent*

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